What is Beeson on Beer?

Beeson On Beer started out with a vision; to produce entertaining, informative and aesthetically pleasing content about the world of beer. We have an unbridled passion for the subject, and want to share it with as many people as we possibly can. Our website aims to celebrate beer culture, independent brewing and travel through engaging storytelling and high-quality photography.

'A new kind of beer writing.' 

Who are we?

Beeson On Beer is the brainchild of James Beeson, a journalist and photographer who specialises in the field of food and drink. He is currently seeking new opportunities in the New Zealand beer scene, having previously  worked as a reporter for industry trade title The Morning Advertiser. He has won multiple awards from the British Guild of Beer Writers (including Young Beer Writer of the Year 2017), and also writes for Ferment Magazine, Belgian Beer & Food Magazine and The Brewers Journal

If you are interested in commissioning James, you can contact him by emailing jdbeeson@hotmail.co.uk

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