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Why fund Beeson on Beer?

Beeson On Beer is currently a one man army; a lone crusade led by me (James) to produce entertaining, informative and engaging content, free for anyone to access and read. I write all of the content, take all of the photos, produce all of the posts and manage the website and its social media by myself, alongside a full time job at The Morning Advertiser. It is a labour of love, and a personal project of which I am extremely proud. 

I'm not interested in securing advertising revenue to disrupt the experience of reading the content on Beeson On Beer, and I certainly don't want to take on any shady 'sponsorship' deals that might interfere with the objective and honest editorial that makes Beeson On Beer what it is today. However, if I want to continue to grow and expand the site (which currently makes no money whatsoever and costs a considerable amount of funds and time to run), I need your encouragement and support. 

Supporting me financially is entirely optional; Beeson On Beer will remain free to read as it has always been. You can pledge as much or as little as you like, and there is no obligation to keep paying - you can cancel at any time. 

A pledge to support Beeson On Beer is a pledge to support independent storytelling and creative photography-led journalism. I want to bring better, more ambitious and research intensive stories to a wider audience, but I need your help to do it.

What will we do with your support? 

I have three main goals, all of which your support will go some way to helping to achieve: 

1) Build the brand - I have ambitions to grow Beeson On Beer into a household name; synonymous with the idea of good beer writing. I want to reach more people by expanding the reach of the brand and bringing in new audiences. I have recently rebranded and redesigned the entire website from the bottom up, and this has resulted in a huge surge in the number of visitors to the site. The next steps are to start producing merchandise to further spread the Beeson On Beer name, and to start hosting events that enable me to introduce new people to the site. 

2) Produce more content - I am currently hugely time poor; working a full time job and producing content for Beeson On Beer during my evenings, weekends and holidays. I aim to produce at least three pieces of content every month, but this is not always possible due to time constraints (and an overwhelming lack of sleep). Your support would enable me to investigate the possibility of commissioning new writers to ease my workload and enable me to focus on improving the overall quality of the site. 

3) Produce better content - The best stories take time to research, edit and produce. They also sometimes cost money - I may have to travel some distance to visit a brewery, or (as I did recently) spend vast sums of money on equipment such as a new camera. Supporting Beeson On Beer will lead to higher quality, more relevant content for you to enjoy. 

What do I get in return? 

Aside from the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from knowing you are supporting a passionate young journalist to do what he loves, there are a number of benefits to becoming a supporter of Beeson On Beer. 

First and foremost, you'll get a say in the kinds of stories we seek to produce going forward - Want me to write about a particular brewery, pub, or city? I'll do my best to try and write about it (assuming I think it is something our readers would be interested in). You'll also be the first to know about any new and exciting projects we are working on, and I'll also be setting up a supporters' only newsletter where I'll give you a sneak peak of what to expect on Beeson On Beer over the coming months. When our online shop launches (sometime in 2018), you'll get first dibs on the threads, and a discount if you pledge over a certain amount. 

Finally, you'll get your name listed as a supporter of Beeson On Beer on our 'About' page, and a message of thanks from me.